Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship your puppies?

At ShoalCreek, we take transporting your future pup very seriously. These pups are our babies, and we love them with all our hearts; therefore, we only allow the puppies to be transported using the following trusted options.

We offer two transportation options—Pet currier service through Ozark Jet-a-Pet, or flight nanny services.

Ozark Jet-a-pet

We offer transportation to your nearest pet-friendly airport if you cannot pick up your puppy at the farm. We hire Ozark Jet-a-Pet, a pet courier service. Ozark Jet A Pet is a USDA-certified, family-owned pet courier service that takes pride in providing our customers with the most up-to-date services and state-of-the-art transportation available while delivering the friendly, helpful service our customers deserve. They offer safe and reliable pet transportation year-round, with over ten years of experience in pet shipping. Our customers are always impressed with how well Ozark Jet-a-Pet takes care of their pets when they arrive at their nearest airport. Click here to see available shipping destinations.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding travel is, will it be a direct flight? Most of the time, there is a layover in either Chicago or Dallas. Under USDA regulations, when a puppy has a layover, the airlines must hire individuals to feed, water, and play with the puppies. In addition, Ozark Jet A Pet tracks the puppies throughout their journey to you. The puppies are very well taken care of. If they weren't, we wouldn't send them. We put too much love and time into our puppies to send them transportation methods where they may experience trauma.

These puppies must also have:

Our vet provided a health certificate to travel

Airline approved paperwork

Airline approved travel crate with a clip-on food and water dish

We will provide all of this for you. The cost of shipping a puppy is $450.

Flight Nanny

Our flight nannies work as a 3rd party service. Not all flight nannies are reliable or trusted; therefore, we only allow our puppies to fly with trusted flight nannies that we have worked with in the past.

The flight nanny works with both the customer and us (ShoalCreek) throughout the entire journey to ensure a smooth transition and seamless communication.

The flight nannies will transport the puppy in-cabin from our airport to yours. Please ask us how you can get in contact with one of our trusted flight nannies.

What will my puppy come with?

Their dew claws removed (Three days of age) Microchipped Dewormed at Week 2,4,6 and three days before going home All age-appropriate vaccinations A COMPLETE examination performed by our vet and their contact information 2 yr. Genetic Guarantee Started on a healthy diet of Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Small/Medium Breed Chicken and Rice Formula Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Advanced Puppy Socialization 75% potty trained. 100% Potty trained through a doggy door. Our commitment that we will be here to answer any questions for the lifetime of your puppy! A Lifetime of Love, Laughter, Licks, and Loyalty!

Where are you located?

We live in a farmhouse on 200 secluded acres with lots of room for our babies to run and play in the Wheaton, Missouri area. Wheaton sits on the Southwest corner of Missouri in Barry County. We are approximately one hour from Springfield, Branson, Joplin, and Northwest Arkansas.

Do you allow visitors?

Of course, we welcome visitors, which quickly become friends to all of us at ShoalCreek! You are always welcome in our home. However, it’s not always possible to visit with our puppies. We are very strict as to when we allow others to see and hold our babies based on when they have had their vaccinations. It is our ultimate goal to raise healthy, happy puppies and to do this; we must make sure that no foreign bacteria is carried into their facilities before they have their complete immunities! Believe me; it is as hard for us as it is for you! We are always anxious to “SHOW OFF” our beautiful babies, but we have to remember what’s best for everyone! We want you to get your perfect puppy! We do ask that you call first and make an appointment so we can make sure we have plenty of time to spend answering your questions and making you feel at home. We allow visitors Friday – Saturday with an one hour appointment.

What is the process to get a puppy?

Step 1: Fill out our Puppy Application Step 2: Shoal Creek Family member, Esther or Suzy, will read over your puppy application and approve/reject it. Step 3: Once you have been approved, ShoalCreek will send a propsal which includes both a contract and a invoice for the deposit. Step 4: Once the contract is signed and Non-Refundable $500 deposit is placed we will get you on the waiting list. Step 5: You are now on the waiting list for your puppy! Congrats! Now you can relax. It will be quiet on our end until the puppies are born. Once the puppies are born you will be notified! Step 6: Five to six weeks from the time the puppy is born they will be seen by the vet so that we know if there is anything we need to disclose prior to the picking process. Step 7: We will post the litter and individual puppy pictures to the website and notify those on the wait list that puppy pictures have been posted. Pictures of the puppies are posted when they are approx. 6 weeks old. Step 8: You will choose your puppy in the order your deposit is placed, therefore, we will call everyone on the list to pick their puppy in that order. You can pick your puppy from pics on the website or from a scheduled FaceTime. Step 9: You will schedule a time to pick up your puppy. The puppy cannot leave until it is exactly 8 weeks old. We allow people to pick up their puppy on either Friday, or Saturday. Our pickup times are between 10-12:00 p.m. We will put the pickup date on the litter page. We encourage everyone to pick up on puppy pick up day to allow for littermates families to meet each other and for everyone to ask questions that others may not have thought of. Step 10: Time to enjoy your puppy! It will be a transition for your puppy so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or text us. We are here for you for the life of this puppy and we want you to be successful with your puppy! Step 11: After you pick up your puppy please tag us or share pictures with us either via text, Facebook, or Instagram!

What is the difference between an F1/F1b and Multigen?

F1, F1b, Multigen, F2…All of it can get confusing. We breed Micro, Mini and Standard F1/F1bs. An F1 means 50% Poodle and 50% Retriever. An F1 has a wavier coat and has a blockier look. F1b's are curlier, therefore, they are more hypoallergenic, if you have allergies the F1b is the way to go. As far as breeding goes, the F1b is created from breeding an F1 Goldendoodle to a Poodle. Multigen terminology gets much more confusing. Multigen is essientally a Goldendoodle bred to a Goldendoodle. They look just like the F1 or F1b. They can have curly or wavy coats and they come in more colors than the F1.

Can I see pictures of what an F1/ F1b looks like at maturity?

Yes! Our Instagram @shoalcreekdoods is the place to go to see OUR doodles from past litters. Instagram is also a great place to connect with puppies from the same litter!

What will I need for my new puppy?

Over the years, we have tried many, many products and have spent hours extensively researching many of the products on the market today. With that experience and knowledge, we've compiled a list of puppy products and brands that we feel are deserving of your investment.
This is a list of recommended puppy products and brands that are tried and true in our professional opinion. We hope this will help our new families navigate the process of raising a healthy, happy puppy.

  • Food We're currently feeding Nutri-Source Small and Medium Puppy food. We love this food and recommend that you feed one full bag of Nutri-Source. This will help with the transitioning process. Then we recommend that you switch to Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Small/Medium Breed Chicken and Rice Formula.
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • An old towel For traveling.
  • Paper towels and baby wipes
  • Chew Toys We prefer Kong's or West Paw Zogoflex Dog Toys– Please NO rawhides
  • A small-sized squeaker toy
  • Moisturizing Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Pinbrush or FURminator
  • A Lifestages Crate. Be sure to get the divider so the crate can grow with your puppy.
  • A Leash and Collar. We recommend at least an 8″-12″ expandable collar; you will need a lightweight 6′ nylon leash until the puppy gets bigger. Although your puppy may not love the leash, to begin with, it's a good idea to start early. We do NOT recommend retractable leashes for both puppy's safety and yours!
  • Harness Distributes the puppy's weight, so you are not pulling it from the throat with a leash.
  • Potty Bells
Please see our shopping List page for more items.

Do you have a guarantee on your puppies?

Yes, we do have a guarantee on our puppies for genetics. The details are spelled out in our contract.

Are your parents genetically tested?

Yes, our parents have been OFA/Pinhip, and PawPrint genetically tested.

Will they shed?

Goldendoodles range in shedding from minimal to no shedding. F1’s will have minimal shedding, but not enough to notice. F1b’s and F2’s have no shedding.

My Child/I have allergies. What kind of coat will work for us?

If you or a loved one has allergies the Goldendoodle breed is the perfect breed for you! As you have probably read on several sites the curliness of the hair coat is key. People with allergies should look for a puppy with a curlier coat. These coats are generally found with an F1b or an F2 (Multi-gen).

What do you do with the puppies that don’t sell?

At ShoalCreek all of our puppies find loving FURever homes! We believe that each of our puppies has a purpose which is why donate select puppies to a PTSD veteran program in upper state New York.

Am I required to spay and neuter our puppy?

Yes, we do require your puppy to be spayed and neutered. The details are spelled out in our contract which you will be issued upon placing your deposit.

What’s your return policy if I can no longer keep my puppy?

We recommend that everyone take into consideration the work of a puppy and the lifelong commitment it takes to raise one. However, we also know that situations arise in which case we will help the puppy find a better home. Additional details are spelled out in our contract which you will be issued upon placing your deposit.

How long have you been breeding?

ShoalCreek was est. in 2014. Click here to read more about us.

Still, have questions?

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have!

How does the Waitlist work?

The waitlist process in general can be confusing, but this document talks about the waitlist and probably answers all of your questions about it (Sorry it is repetitive). You can of course ask any other questions and will have opportunities to do so throughout the process. 1. Application 2. Approval 3. Proposal 4. Waitlist After you fill out an application your application is reviewed and either approved or denied. In the approval email we specify a timeframe in which you may get on the waitlist. The timeframe is the earliest waitlist opportunity we have available. (For Example: If we say you are approved for Winter 2022 that means the timeframes before Winter 2022 have full waitlists, so winter is the earliest we can get you on the waitlist.) The waitlist is an ever changing document for us, but we do get applications in everyday. So just because we send you that timeframe one day, doesn't mean it will hold you a spot in that timeframe. Along with the approval email we will send you a proposal. The proposal includes a waitlist contract and a deposit payment (taken via credit card). Once you have signed the waitlist contract and paid the deposit then you will be placed on the waitlist. Only a signed AND paid proposal will get you on the waitlist. Your Puppy: We want you to get the puppy that you love. color gender everything. That is why we allow you to pass. We can't allow you to pass into the next timeframe though because it messes with the list. If that worries you because you are low on the list fear not we have planned for that too! That is why we also have the rule that you can only pass 3 times. We will keep that in mind if you are low on the list. We do not take deposits based on gender or color You choose your puppy, so you choose color and gender. If the color or gender is not available when you are contacted then you may pass on that litter Merle - chocolate - tuxedo - they are rarer color combos and therefore we cannot guarantee we will have them in the timeframe that you were placed in (or that you chose) When it is your turn to pick we will contact you and have you look on the website at the pictures of the pups. Generally, even if you are low on the list there will be several to choose from. Even sometimes from different litters. We make sure you have options so that you get the pup you love. Timing: You are most likely going to be contacted early. We under estimate so as not to run short on puppies that means we will be contacting the next list for puppies. That is why it is important to be specific about timeframe so if you are wanting one later we do not contact you until you are ready. We will tell you the earliest possible timeframe, but if that is too soon let us know and we will put you on the next list (or the next list) We like early planners. ​ Timeframe: You cannot pass beyond your timeframe Spring: March - May Summer: June - August Fall: September - November Winter: December - February We always under estimate the amount of puppies we will have so you will get a puppy if you are on that list for a specific timeframe The more specific you are about the timeframe you are wanting a puppy the less repeated texts you will get Passing: When it is your turn to pick we will contact you and have you look on the website at the pictures of the pups. Generally, even if you are low on the list there will be several to choose from. Even sometimes from different litters. We make sure you have options so that you get the pup you love. If you do not like any of the ones currently on the website then you can pass. You cannot pass more than 3 times without forfeiting your spot. You also cannot pass beyond the timeframe you are listed in. Some people pass because they do not have the color preference they want, but it also considered a pass if you are contacted and are not available to pick a puppy at that time, or if you have a vacation planned or something along those lines. It will not be considered a pass outside your timeframe if you are contacted before your timeframe and decide to wait till your timeframe. That is why it is important to specify your timeframe in communication with us. We want you to get the puppy that you love. color gender everything. That is why we allow you to pass. We can't allow you to pass into the next timeframe though because it messes with the list. If that worries you because you are low on the list fear not we have planned for that too! That is why we also have the rule that you can only pass 3 times. We will keep that in mind if you are low on the list. You can only pass 3 times before you are removed We can't allow you to pass into the next timeframe though because it messes with the list. If that worries you because you are low on the list fear not we have planned for that too! That is why we also have the rule that you can only pass 3 times. We will keep that in mind if you are low on the list. ​ Honeybook We use a system called Honeybook to manage applications, contracts, and communication. The Puppy Application is done through Honeybook and once you fill it out that is where we go to find it. We will be sending you all the communication, proposals, approvals through Honeybook which will come to your email. It does go to your promotional or spam folder, so make sure to keep checking there for our responses. We can see your application and will respond as early as we can. Our response will come to you as an email, but then you can sign in to Honeybook and see all the communication there. You can feel free to ask questions via Honeybook. They have an app if that would be easier for you! The nice thing about Honeybook is that you can continue to upload documents like your first vet visit paperwork and your spay and nueter paperwork. That way it is all stored in the same place as your contract. It makes viewing it for us much easier.

FAQ After You Purchase a Puppy

What do you recommend for Potty Training/Crate Training?

**Please Note: The concept can be applied to any living situation, but you may look into grass squares or other methods if you do not have a yard!

  1. Potty training can seem overwhelming. Every puppy is different. There are hundreds of videos you can watch on YouTube to help you prepare for potty training. Our puppies are 100% potty trained through a doggy door before they go home. We know that you probably don’t have a doggy door, and that is okay! What that means to you is that the puppy understands the concept of potty training. We highly recommend bell training with potty bells. I will list the steps below; however, we recommend watching potty training videos using a bell before attempting this yourself.
  2. First, figure out a routine. Until the puppy is potty trained, it should be eating four times a day. ALL IT WANTS TO EAT with each feeding! (Goldendoodles will not overeat, and if they don’t eat all they want, they will start finding other things to eat).
  3. For example: fill a food bowl halfway, put it down when it is time for the puppy to eat, then put it back up when the puppy walks away; if the puppy eats all the food in the bowl, then fill it back up. After the puppy eats, pick it up, take it to the potty bells if using and use the puppy paw to ring the bell. Take it out to your designated location to use the bathroom. Every time a puppy eats, it will eliminate within 5-15 minutes, so be patient do not give up after 5 minutes. You may have to stay out for up to 20 minutes until the puppy gets more familiar.
  4. Second, in the PROCESS of the puppy using the bathroom, praise the puppy! (This means acting like the puppy scored a shot from half-court as the buzzer is sounding in a double-overtime game!) After the puppy is finished, you can also give a little treat. I recommend honey nut cheerios as they are small.
  5. So, now we have the poop training down (every time they eat, they’ll eliminate). The next step is understanding potty training. Essentially potty training is repeating the same steps as above, except you will take the puppy out EVERY HOUR during the day until it starts ringing the bells by itself!

What do you recommend at night?

  1. First, do NOT be getting up every hour at night. We recommend crate training at night only.
  2. Your crate has a divider in it. Divide the crate so that it is big enough for your puppy to stand up and turn around but not get off its bed.
  3. We recommend the last feeding for your puppy should be around the same time you eat dinner. Then put the food up for the night. Take the water bowl away an hour before you go to bed. The last person to bed should take the puppy out to potty. Then put the puppy in the crate. The puppy will probably whine for 15 or so minutes. DO NOT give the puppy any attention while it is whining. If you do, it will be worse the next night. If the puppy wakes up in the middle of the night and cries, you will need to get up and take the puppy out. First, a person up in the morning should get the puppy out of the crate and take it out to use the bathroom.
  4. Be consistent until your puppy is trained. Once fully trained, you can let the puppy sleep on the bed or wherever you would like.

What food should I feed?

  1. We recommend you stay on the food we are currently feeding for a least one bag to help with the transition. You can find the food by looking at the shopping list page. If you want to change the food, you will need to mix the old food with the new food. To do this, you will take 1 cup of the old food and 1 cup of the new food and mix them in the bowl. Do this until the old food is gone (about three days).
  2. We don’t care what food you feed as long as it is good quality food. The puppy will need to stay on puppy food for a least one year.
  3. Make sure the puppy food that you get does NOT say GRAIN GREE. Grain-free food is damaging hearts and killing dogs or changing their behavior.
  4. Once fully potty trained, you can leave the food out 24/7.

What is a microchip and does my dog have one?

  1. Your puppy is microchipped. We recommend registering your microchip with We will give you the microchip number, and the microchip will start with a 932. This documentation will be located in your Purina folder.
  2. What does a microchip do? A microchip does not actually track your puppy. If your puppy is lost, the puppy will be scanned. If you register the chip to your name, your information will show up to the individual who scans the puppy so they can get the puppy back to you.

What vaccinations will my puppy have before coming home?

  1. Your puppy is up to date on vaccinations per age. This means that your puppy still needs vaccinations every 2-3 weeks until the puppy reaches 16 weeks of age. You will find your vaccination history inside the Purina folder. If you are flying your puppy, it will be located on top of the carrier in a zip lock bag.

How often should I bathe my puppy?

  1. Do not bathe your puppy more than twice a month. Of course, use common sense; if your puppy gets muddy, then bathe it.
  2. After the bath, use a cotton swab to dry the inside of the ear canal carefully. This will prevent ear infections.
  3. We recommend using an oatmeal-based shampoo. We use a brand called Tropiclean. You can find this product on our shopping list page.

Where can I take my puppy?

  1. Do NOT take your puppy to pet friendly places until they are 16 weeks of age and FULLY VACCINATED.
  2. Please understand that at 8 weeks of age you are taking home a baby. They are not fully immunized until 16 weeks of age. (If you think of it...would you take a newborn baby into Walmart and place it on the floor or in the shopping cart?) These pups are no different. You must be careful until they are 16 weeks of age.
  3. PLEASE introduce the puppy to other dogs that you know are healthy. It is important for them to play and socialize. Friends and family pets are fine. We are simply just avoiding areas we don't know about.

I work during the day? Should I crate my puppy till I get home?

NO. We understand you must work, but we do not believe the crate all day is a good option. The puppy cannot move and grow correctly inside a crate. Your puppy needs exercise throughout the day. We suggest: Getting a play pen for them to play in, but not have full roam of the house. OR if you have a fenced in back yard, your dog will do very well playing there till you get home as long as they have shade, water, and food. OR if you have a small room such as a laundry room that they can be in for the day. The more exercise your puppy/dog gets during the day the better your puppy will be for you.